There’s no such thing as the “perfect” resume, but there is a perfect audience for your resume.

Recently, many of my readers have asked me to review their resumes so I thought I should just write an article on it. In this article, I’d like to share some tips on how to craft a resume for your targeted industry, how to make it from good to great and highlight some common mistakes that should be avoided. I hope this article will help a lot of you who are currently looking for jobs so let’s get started.

First, let’s learn about…

Developers commonly use SQL or NoSQL databases to store and organize data. But do you know that there’s a more lightweight, flexible and intuitive alternative? It’s called a spreadsheet, a very familiar type of document for most people.

In this beginner-friendly tutorial, we shall build a simple quote gallery app. The app can do the following:

  • Fetch quote data from “database”
  • Display fetched data in app
  • Add new quote and update the “database”

The “database” that we are using in this app is Google Sheets! That’s right, no fancy SQL or NoSQL databases, just the simple spreadsheet we all know…

Data visualization is the act of presenting data into visual forms such as graphs or charts. It is used to summarize data easily and communicates its relationships with other data if needed. It helps to organize data and allows new insights or patterns to be discovered.

As developers, it is important to learn some data visualization tools. In my How I Built an Image Classification Pokedex article, the app fetches data from the PokeAPI and organizes them into the page below:

Hello everyone! I have recently concluded my Let’s Build A MySQL Node.Js CRUD App series and received a few questions regarding the difference between SQL and NoSQL databases. Thank you so much for enjoying the series and participating with questions.

In this article, I shall answer these questions by comparing relational and non-relational databases and determine when it’s best to choose one over the other.

The word ‘burnout’ prevails in any other industry, not just the tech industry alone. Recently, a few close friends brought up the topic to me and I decided to research more in-depth.

In this article, I want to share some misconceptions, things I’ve learned about the term ‘burnout’ and why they should not be ignored.

What’s Burnout?

Let’s first take a look at the definition provided by the World Health Organization:

“Burnout is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.”

So, as you can tell, burnout comes from 2 things: work and stress. But…

Here we are, in the 2nd month of 2021. I have been super busy in January, not really because of work, but because of the things I am doing outside of it. And so, this month I’ve decided to step back and reflect why was I so busy last month that I never had time to watch movies or sleep for 8 hours. And the conclusion was simple: I was not focused.

Hello everyone, in this article, I want to discuss on the topic of ‘focus’ — what it really means and how to practice the art of focus. …

As a developer, you’ve probably heard of huge apps like Twitter, Trello, Github, and more. They all started as side projects. In this article, let’s discuss why side projects are important to developers and how you can get started getting into the habit to build them.

The Benefits of Side Projects

1. Escape Tutorial Hell

One of the reasons why developers can get stuck in tutorials is because it is easy to just follow the instructor’s code. There’s a sense of progression and belief that you learned something.

And when you tried to code something yourself, it becomes overwhelming. And so, you will go back to watching/reading tutorials…

Software developers are problem-solvers, creative thinkers and efficient architects. We spend a lot of time to learn the many aspects of technology, from programming languages and fundamental concepts to networking and operating systems.

Most developers would probably build a lot of software as side projects to learn new skills and accelerate their learning. But did you know that building games can be another side project that developers should give a try on? Here’s why.

1. Review Data Structures & Algorithms

When software or web developers think of game development, they probably think: a lot of difficult math.

Well, that’s not entirely true because it depends on…

Hello and welcome to the finale of Let’s Build a MySQL Node.js CRUD App series! In the previous article, we have implemented our front-end with React and completed our full stack app.

If you haven’t read the previous article, please find it here.

Let’s wrap up this series by deploying our React MySQL app to Heroku. Heroku is a cloud platform (PaaS) that we can use to host our app for free.

Step 1: Install Heroku CLI

If you haven’t already, download and install Heroku CLI into your device. Click this link and follow their download instructions.

Next, create Heroku account here. Sign up for…

Hello and welcome to the 3rd part of Let’s Build a MySQL Node.js CRUD App series! In the previous article, we have implemented all our GET, POST, PUT and DELETE routes in our server.

If you haven’t read the previous article, please find it here.

In this part, we will be working on our front-end with React to complete our MySQL CRUD app!

Step 1: Install npm packages

Install axios and cors to allow our app to make requests to the server. Install react-hook-form for easy form handling in React.

npm install axios cors react-hook-form

Step 2: Import cors

In server.js, include the import statement at the top to…

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