FlightDash: Handle All Your Travel Concerns with a Conversational AI

Victoria Lo
6 min readDec 18, 2021


Due to COVID-19, there are many things to consider when travelling to another country, such as the entry and exit requirements, and the risk level. The travel restrictions in every country can change abruptly, and we know how difficult it is to stay updated to plan your travels.

Hence, we decided to build FlightDash, a Dasha.AI-powered app with a friendly chatbot called Dash to help you easily retrieve the latest travel data and flight offers.

What it does

At FlightDash, you will be conversing with Dash, the chatbot to ask any inquiries regarding COVID-19 travel restrictions, latest COVID data, entry/exit requirements, risk level and flight availability. You just need to ask, and then Dash will simply answer.

With its superior conversational AI, Dash can handle any non-scripted human questions and serve you with utmost care and efficiency.

Login to start talking to Dash
Phase 1: when Dash lives in console only

How we built it

The Conversational AI: Dasha.AI

FlightDash is built with Dasha.AI’s technology in order to have human-like conversations with the user. We build a Dasha app and use the Dasha Script Language (DSL) to build dialogs and transitions as the conversation progresses.

The script is structured like a finite state machine with nodes as states, where the first state would be the root node, and it will transition to other nodes based on conditions. These conditions would usually be defined as a certain type of intent or data that the AI detects in the message when the user replies, and how the AI detects these will be based on the training data we provide in data.json.



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